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Keep Your House Flies, Mosquitoes, Ants And Cockroaches Free With These Natural Remedies

Almost every corner of our home is filled with these invaders. The ants are a danger to the health and personal hygiene. In some period of time we have all heard and used some traditional methods to remove them from home, but after some time they don’t work well. Luckily, there are some home remedies that are very useful and will help you to remove these invaders from home:


Cut one cucumber in small slices and then, place them in the entry points of the ants. They have the cucumber’s fragrance and the bitter ones will work better. Another way is to use a soap water spray to kill them and stop their movement. Another way to eliminate them is mint tea-bags or crushed mint leaves. Also, a mixture of boric acid and mint apple jelly will work great. You can also mix 1l of water, 1 cup of sugar and 1tsp of borax, put cotton balls in it and place them in a container from yogurt with drilled holes inside to the ants can enter. They will carry the baits in their homes and there they will die while eating.


The best way to keep the cockroaches out from home is to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Clean your house with strong solution of soap. Sliced cucumber will also work great for cockroaches. Mix equal part of corn flour, sugar powder and boric acid powder and place it in the area where the cockroaches probably will move. Put boric dust between the cabinet spaces and ceiling and on the kitchen cabinets as it works as poison for the cockroaches.


The mosquitoes reproduce in dirty areas and in stagnant water areas. Keep the environment ventilated and clean and remove stagnant water sources. Garlic juice solution spray will repel the mosquitoes for up to six hours. Mix five part of water and one part of garlic juice and spray it on the body. It is effective and non-toxic. The neem oil is also non-toxic and effective. Apply it on the exposed skin. It will also kill the harmful bacteria from the body. Marigold plant can repel them because of its fragrance. Plant it in your garden and deal with the insects and mosquitoes. Another way to deal with mosquitoes is the Thai lemon grass. Peel the stem’s outer leaves and rub it vigorously between the palm to get juicy mass. Then, rub it on the exposed skin and the mosquitoes won’t dare to approach you.


Keep the house clean and tidy in order to keep the flies away. Crushed mint leaves placed around the home can repel the flies. Also, you can use eucalyptus oil by pouring a little on a cotton ball and placing it in an area where you think there are flies. You can also rinse the drain with boiling water and bleach powder to remove fly infestation in the drainage system.

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